Advocating for natural resources in West Salem since 1998

Volunteering is Rewarding!

Glenn & Gibson Creeks Watershed Council Volunteers

We are local volunteers who act together so support the economy and quality of life of our communities ... along with the collaboration of interested landowners, agencies and businesses... we work to facilitate the restoration of habitat important to fish and wildlife, and to us all. You can add to our effectiveness as a community effort through your volunteer work and we would love to have you participate.

We welcome volunteers!

If you care about your watershed and want to become involved, please let us know. We work with school groups, interested neighbors, scouts, senior citizens, citizen scientists, birdwatchers, photographers, environmentalists, hobbyists, gardeners, tinkerers, litter-pick-er-upers, weed pullers, tree huggers, writers, social media folks, college interns, and all around people that care.

Here are some of the things some of our volunteers accomplish but if you have other ideas you would like to suggest, please do. We get some of our best ideas from people that are new to the watershed council concept.

  • Observe and record conditions through time for all projects
  • Work on tabling events for education and outreach
  • Pull weeds and plant natives
  • Develop, manage and maintain restoration projects
  • Represent an interest group on the GGWC
  • Represent the GGWC to their interest group and to the general public
  • Work on the newsletter
  • “Green” a business
  • Help with an outdoor school project
  • Take photographs in the watershed
  • Keep a bird list
  • Plant trees
  • Coordinate events – book signings, presentations, conferences

Email us to find out more about our volunteer opportunities... large and small!

Just a few of our great volunteers!

Thanks to everyone who participates in one way or another!