Advocating for natural resources in West Salem since 1998

Our Meetings

You are invited!

Where:  We will be meeting virtually using Zoom. 

How:  Simply email to request a link to the Zoom meeting.

Date: The second Tuesday of every month

Time: From 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Anyone interested in watershed issues is invited to attend!

What Happens at GGWC Meetings?

We approve the minutes, go over fiscal reports, review what we call "the task list" - everyone leaves the meetings with a list of responsibilities and the task list review is the report on the progress, old business, new business and reports from partners.

Our partners include Polk Soil and Water Conservation District, Audubon Society, West Salem Neighborhood Association, City of Salem and Woodhaven HOA. These reports are brief but let us know current happenings.

We do have presentations and then we give our speakers as much time as they need and try to get our basic business transacted in the time we have left.

View a sample of our MEETING AGENDA . . .